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  • The Trinity


    We believe that God is the One and Only God and He is One God DEUTERONOMY 6:4. We also believe however that in His oneness three distinct persons exist and they are completely God. The Bible teaches that the distinction between the persons of the Trinity exists even if the term Trinity is never mentioned. The doctrine of the Trinity is delineated in Scripture, not in formulated or precise definitions, but in fragmented allusion. When these allusions are united together in an organic unity, we do not pass only through Scripture but we enter in a more deep meaning of Scripture and the knowledge of God through the Scripture. The doctrine or reality of the Trinity is entirely a biblical concept 1 JOHN 5:7;MATTHEW 28:19. In the OT the plurality in the person of God is evident and recognized GENESIS 1:26. In fact, the name used as God in Hebraic  Elohim, is in the plural form. Why is it used in the plural form? Because God is One but three distinct persons make up His oneness. Many say, or teach that the Hebrews used the plural form of the name God because they could not describe the infinite nature of God and the plurality of His attributes. However, it needs to be said that all the names with which God revealed Himself with have been given to man directly by Him. Elohim

    therefore is a name that God has revealed through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to the authors of Scripture. It would be erroneous to place authorship limitations or of language on that which the Scripture expresses in this case, in the expression of God’s names.

    All three persons of the Trinity are creators GENESIS 1:1-3;JOHN 1:1-4;COLOSSIANS 1:16-17; HEBREWS 1:2-3.

    We believe then that God manifests Himself in three sidtinct persons. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This tri-union is called  Trinity. We believe that God is only One however, there are not three Gods. However, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are in nature, character, and substance all equal, in other words fully God MARK 1:24;LUKE 1:35;PHILIPPIANS 2:6.

    However, the Father remains the Father, the Son remains the Son and the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit. The Father is neither generated nor proceeding from anyone, He is self existing and so do the others; but the Son, Jesus Christ is generated and proceeds from the Father JOHN 1:14; JOHN 1:18; JOHN 8:42; JOHN 17:7, but He is not created, He is of the same substance as the Father, and the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father but testifies, teaches and reveals the Son JOHN 15:6.

    And thus the three are One, One God not three. If a person could have an identical nature as the father would be identical to the father and Jesus is COLOSSIANS 1:15;COLOSSIANS 2:9.For this very reason Jesus, although being subordinate to the Father PHILIPPIANS 2:5-11, always declared He was one with the Father JOHN 17:22;JOHN 14:9-11, this was in fact a blasphemy for the Jews because Jesus a man was making Himself equal to God JOHN 5:17-18;JOHN 10:30-33.

    Is this difficult to understand? Yes, very much so, but at the same time an acceptable reality not only by blind faith, but because the word of God gives to this doctrine irrefutable evidence. Even being in nature, character and substance and attributes identical, the three person act in subordinate authority to the will of the Father, in other words, the Son is in authority subordinate to the Father’s authority JOHN 5:19-37;JOHN 14:28; the Holy Spirit is subordinate in authority to the authority of the Son JOHN 15:6. For a deeper look into this subject see the teaching on the One and Only God.