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    Welcome to our website. Peace and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be your abundance and God bless you greatly. We wish to introduce.

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  • The Providence Of God

    We believe that God the creator of all things, who sustains, directs, disposes and governs all of His creation and creatures, actions and things, from the biggest to the smallest Psalm 145 ; HEBREWS 1:2-3, He does this through His wise and holy providence in accord with His infallible omniscience and immutable counsel of His perfect will, for the praise of His glory, His knowledge, righteousness, goodness and mercy EPHESIANS 1:3-14. His omnipotence, inscrutable knowledge and wisdom have been manifested in His providence since the fall of mankind into sin, GENESIS 3:15;GENESIS 3:21.

    God provided fully for the salvation of mankind through His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ , and through Him has made access by faith in Him into His marvelous salvation and the Eternal Covenant He med in His Son and with all who are in Him, He has made available all His promises to those who become His children through the Everlasting Covenant in Jesus Christ.

    In His wise,righteous and gracious manifestation of His providence He allows often even for a brief season of time and without approval on His part, that His sons and daughters can be tempted and often follow their carnal desires, this is for the purpose of discipline and training to bring them to the understanding of the hidden corrupt status of their hearts and their deceitful sinful natures, so that He could demonstrate to them the providence of His loving correction and mercy that lead to repentance ROMANS 2:4 so to procure a harvest of righteousness and holiness HEBREWS 12:5-11

    We believe that God’s general providence reaches all of His creatures, God is merciful to all He has created, because God in His mercy allows even sinners and the rebellious, the non elect to salvation, to have a measure of blessings on the earth Psalms 145;MATTHEW 5:45. In other words, God in His providence, provides His mercy toward sinners so that, even though not deserving mercy, they are not instantly judged and executed by divine justice, rather during their life they receive man opportunities to experiment God’s mercy, even in the offer of salvation that their hardened hearts will refuse, loving instead their sin, not loving the merciful God who grants to them His providence and salvation offer.

    We believe however that God’s providence is extended in a greater measure and in a special way to the heirs of salvation, His church, Psalm 103, for which He makes available all His promises and excellent blessings 2 CORINTHIANS 1:20. He therefore makes all things cooperate for the good of those who love God and are the called according to His benevolent purposes ROMANS 8:28-30