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    Welcome to our website. Peace and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be your abundance and God bless you greatly. We wish to introduce.

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  • The Attributes Of God

    These are the attributes of God as revealed to us in Scripture. We firmly believe that Scripture describe the Lord, our Father and God in this way. In addition, we firmly believe also that the descriptions of these attributes are taught by the entire counsel of God and that therefore they are delineated clearly in the Apostolic doctrines and therefore of the true Evangelical church.

    We believe:

    The LORD is the True and Only God EXODUS 20:3; DEUTERONOMY 6:4ISAIAH 43:11-13 ; ISAIAH 45:5-7; Giovanni 17:3, there is no other God besides Him, Psalm 86:10; 1 CORINTHIANS 8:4-6; ISAIAH 44:6-8.

    We believe that the one and only God is the God who is

    Creator of all things, visible and invisible, that He is the Creator of the Universe Genesis 1-2;Psalm 139:13-16; ACTS 17:24;REVELATION 4:11; He created the universe and all that is in it COLOSSIANS 1:16-17. He created the earth and all that is in it in six literal days of 24 hours each as sacred Scripture reveals. Through His will, knowledge and wisdom and through His Word and power He created the universe and all that exists. All three persons of the Trinity have created GENESIS 1:1-3; JOHN 1:1-4

    We believe that God is Life JOHN 1:4; Not only God creates and gives life, He Himself is life, God breathed His breath and His breath, or Spirit gave life to Adam GENESIS 2:7, Adam became a living being, created in the image and likeness of God GENESIS 1:26-27.

    No physical nor spiritual life can exist without the direct permission of God and His involvement JOB 33:4. Let not man be deceived by science and what it does, God allows but will also judge all that is done against His nature and character. All that is not from God will result in death, spiritual and physical. God through Jesus Christ and His Spirit create the universe JOHN 1:1-4 and give life, physical and spiritual life JOHN 5:21-22; JOHN 6:63JOHN 14:6 the regeneration is necessary to obtain a new nature, and that results in communion with God and is never interrupted by death, neither physical nor spiritual JOHN 11:25-26.

    We believe that God the Father is Spirit therefore He can only be known and worshiped in spirit and in conformity with truth, the truth of His word that is the revelation of His holy person JOHN 4:23-24.

    This means that only being born again of the Spirit of God we can worship God JOHN 3:3-8, in the truth of His Spirit JOHN 14:17; JOHN 15:26; JOHN 16:13; 1 JOHN 4:6, His character and His word and not in the falsity of other religions that are all created by Satan in cooperation with man.

    We believe that God is Eternal 1Timoteo 1:17; Psalm 90:2; JEREMIAH 10:10; MATTHEW 6:13;REVELATION 1:8REVELATION 4:8 in other words, God by Himself exists and is forever ISAIAH 40:28

    ISAIAH 43:13;ISAIAH 57:15; He is not created He exists because He Is EXODUS 3:14 He is the One who will always be REVELATION 1:17REVELATION 11:17 His Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom Psalm 145:13; DANIEL 2:44 In fact, God’s personal name is I AM, YAHWEH, translated rightly Eternal One, because His name means exactly that He is eternal, the One who always was, is, and always will be. This is why the translation in the Bible of the name of God which is written as LORD, the equivalent of I AM, is mentioned, are you ready? 5000 times.

    We believe that only God is Omnipotent He is the Almighty, GENESIS 17:1;1Cronachles 29:12; REVELATION 1:8; REVELATION 4:8, in other words, He can do anything He wants by the command of His word JEREMIAH 51:15-16; in Him is the power and the ability to create, change, undo, interrupt, maintain ans sustain everything that exists JOB 33:4;AMOS 9:5-6;EPHESIANS 1:11;HEBREWS 1:3.

    All this very importantly to be understood is that nothing or no one has the power to alter anything that God has decreed or has done DEUTERONOMY 32:39; JOB 42:2; ECCLESIASTES 7:13; ISAIAH 43:13DANIEL 4:35 if it were not permitted by Him. No physical or spiritual creature who fights against God can win Psalm 50:22;PROVERBS 21:30; ACTS 5:39. 57 times in the Bible the Lord is called Almighty, Omnipotent, but often His omnipotence is described in the language used and in the descriptions used to describe His omnipotence.

    We believe that only God is Omnipresent 1 KINGS 8:27; Psalm 139:7-12; PROVERBS 15:3; JEREMIAH 23:23-24;ACTS 17:24;HEBREWS 4:13, God can be in every place at the same time and completely, in the fulness od His attributes. Space and time do not limit the Father because He is Spirit. Also even if the word omnipresent is not written in Scripture, it is described and delineated in the Scriptures AMOS 9:2-4;Zachariah 4:10. In fact, everything that exists, exists within His infinite presence even though He remains separate from all, ACTS 17:28

    We believe that only God is Omniscient, this means that God knows everything, knows the thoughts and the intents of the heart of every man, PROVERBS 15:3; JEREMIAH 20:12; EZEKIEL 11:5;MATTHEW 6:8;LUKE 16:15;MATTHEW 10:30, God Himself is the source of all knowledge and wisdom, ISAIAH 40:28;JEREMIAH 23:24;JEREMIAH 32:19. God knows the beginning and the end, nothing happens without Him knowing it beforehand, He knows everything from all eternity Psalm139:1-6; ISAIAH 48:3-6. God knows all things from all eternity DANIEL 2:22; ACTS 15:18; ROMANS 11:33-34

    This brings us to recognize His complete sovereignty Psalm 139:13-16. No human being could know anything if not because man is created in God’s image and likeness although in extremely limited conditions.

    We believe that God is Sovereign ISAIAH 46:10-11;ECCLESIASTES 7:13-14;EPHESIANS 1:11. 303 times

    in Scripture God is called Sovereign Lord, I believe this demonstrate the importance of this title to God, do you think it’s important to God? I believe very much so. I will give you the NT references LUKE 2:29;ACTS 4:24; 2 PETER 2:1;JUDE :1;REVELATION 6:10.

    However, I know by experience this is the least liked and most misunderstood attribute of God amongst believers and even non believers. In spite of this fact, it remains truth, like it or not, God is sovereign on everything and everybody Psalm 50:10;HAGGAI 2:8;ROMANS 9:18-21;JOB 42:2;ISAIAH 45:5-7.

    We believe that God permits and authorizes all that happens because everything is part of His sovereign design and eternal plan JOB 1:6-12;DANIEL 2:20-21;MATTHEW 10:29;ACTS 17:26. God permits and authorizes even evil remaining completely estranged ans separated from it, He is transcendent form evil and sin JOB 1:21;JOB 2:10. Being sovereign over evil also, God controls and limits the power and consequences of evil and of the works of Satan JOB 2:1-5 God has not created evil or sin, He remains however sovereign over it, He controls it, limits it and transforms it into good GENESIS 50:20 for those who love Him and are called by Him in conformity with His benevolent design ROMANS 8:28We believe that Scripture teaches that God permits evil and in fact uses it to demonstrate His holiness, justice and judgment, but also to demonstrate His goodness, grace and mercy. Without evil and sin His attributes would not all be demonstrable to man. In God is no evil present, as we said He is completely separated from any form of evil or sin, He is completely Holy. God uses evil and the devil often as tools of His judgment and correction ISAIAH 5:24-30;JEREMIAH 25:8-38;EZEKIEL 30:25;HABAKKUK 1:5-12;1 CORINTHIANS 5:5;Revelation 9; REVELATION 16:12-16

    God is absolutely and completely Holy LEVITICUS 11:44-45;LEVITICUS 19:2;LEVITICUS 22:31-33;Psalm 99:5-9;ISAIAH 6:3;ISAIAH 41:14;EZEKIEL 22:26;EZEKIEL 36:22-23;MARK 1:24;LUKE 1:35; REVELATION 4:8;REVELATION 6:10 God is completely estranged and separated from anything that represents corruption ROMANS 1:23, immorality and any thing that is a violation of his most holy and righteous character. He is absolutely pure from any pollution of sin, impurity, injustice, immorality and wickedness.

    We believe that God is Righteous and Just Psalm 89:14;Psalm 119:142;ISAIAH 30:18;JOHN 17:25, everything that God declares, decides to do and to allow is done in perfect and complete righteousness and justice, DEUTERONOMY 32:4;Psalm 33:4-5;REVELATION 16:7;REVELATION 19:1-2,

    all this even if in the human eyes and perspective this does not appear and His justice and righteousness is not visibly evident. His justice and righteousness even if often hidden to the human understanding is however perfect DANIEL 9:14. Every human work and deed will be justly and righteously judged and justice will be done ROMANS 2:5-11;2 THESSALONIANS 1:5-6. His just judgment and His righteous anger will be revealed form heaven upon every iniquity and unrighteousness of man ROMANS 1:18. In fact God is and will be the judge of every creature Psalm 9:8;ISAIAH 66:16;2 TIMOTHY 4:1;1 PETER 4:5;REVELATION 20:11-15. He will not acquit or justify the guilty EXODUS 34:6-7, in other words those who do not repent and are justified by faith in Christ. His perfect justice and righteousness is only offered by faith and by grace in the work and virtues of Jesus Christ EPHESIANS 2:8-10.

    Jesus Christ the only just, sacrificed Himself so that the unjust, us, could be justified before God only bu faith in Him ROMANS 3:21-26;ROMANS 4:23-25;2 CORINTHIANS 5:21;1 PETER 3:18.

    We believe that God is Immutable MALACHI 3:6; HEBREWS 13:18;HEBREWS 6:17-18;JAMES 1:17 ,

    this means that God never changes in the demonstration of His attributes, in His principles, His law, His word and His character Job 23:13.This means that man and society are obligated to submit and conform to God’s laws and commandments even if man and society are completely powerless and completely unwilling to do so., and that all that God has declared and decreed in His word remains and never changes Psalm 33:11;Psalm 119:89-91;ISAIAH 31:2. It is erroneous to believe and declare that God does new things, God always does things the way He always has done them, the way He reveals to us in His word, even in this God does not change.

    We believe that God is Love 1 JOHN 4:8;DEUTERONOMY 7:7-8; God in His character demonstrates in full what really is perfect love in all of His attributes 1 CORINTHIANS 13:1-13, perfect love is revealed to the world in the person of Jesus Christ, His Only Begotten Son JOHN 3:16-17;1 JOHN 4:9-10. His grace and His mercy Psalm 103:13;JEREMIAH 31:3; His faithfulness DEUTERONOMY 4:37; Psalm 42:8;Psalm 89:33 and His patience are attributes that are made evident in the demonstration of His love. Agape is what it is called in Greek, agape is love that always sacrifices, a love that is not conditional upon the love of the other person, a love that always gives even when it does not receive love bak, a love that is active and always acts for the good of the subject to whom love is demonstrated, love that is not passive and is not selfish.

    We believe that God is Invisible 1 TIMOTHY 1:17;1 TIMOTHY 6:16, being Spirit God is invisible HEBREWS 11:27 to the human eye JOHN 5:37, because He lives in eternity and in a spiritual dimension JOHN 1:18. God however is not limited by space and time and is also part of our dimension ROMANS 1:20 No man has seen God and lived. God however has clothed Himself in flesh and has revealed Himself and made visible in His Only Begotten Son Jesus Christ, He is the perfect visible image of the invisible God COLOSSIANS 1:15. Even Jesus now is invisible to the human eyes JOHN 16:10;1 PETER 1:8-9. Blessed are those who do not see Him but believe in Him JOHN 20:29

    One day every eye will see Him REVELATION 1:7-8 and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father Isaia 45:23-25;ROMANS 14:11;PHILIPPIANS 2: 9-11.

    We believe that God is Truth EXODUS 34:6;Psalm 31:5;JOHN 1:14;JOHN 14:6;1 JOHN 15:20; REVELATION 3:7;REVELATION 6:10;REVELATION 15:3 God not only knows the absolute truth He is in nature and character truth, Psalm 25:10;Psalm 89:14;Psalm 111:8;JEREMIAH 4:2 The concept of truth is based then on the fact that in character God is truth JOHN 4:23-24 it is impossible for God to lie ROMANS 3:4;HEBREWS 6:17-18 If it is impossible for God to lie and to contradict His word, everything that God declares and decrees is true and it comes to pass NUMBERS 23:19-20;Psalm 33:4

    God by nature and character is opposite to lying JOHN 8:40-45. All that God says He will do He will, His word is absolute truthJOHN 17:17;Psalm 119:142;JOHN 8:31-32

    We believe that God is Immortal 1 TIMOTHY 6:16;1 TIMOTHY 1:17, If then God is Life JOHN 14:6; JOHN 11:25-26; in Him resides Immortality 1 JOHN 5:20, God is Eternal and cannot ever cease to exist REVELATION 1:18;REVELATION 5:14 Death is separation, physical death is separation of the soul and the spirit from the body, while spiritual death is separation of the body, spirit and soul from God. Man cannot receive life and immortality if not given by God. Jesus has conquered death and its power 1 CORINTHIANS 1 5:54-56;HEBREWS 2:14