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  • Election and Predestination

    We believe that all those who God has elected, predestined or preordained to life, them and them only God has found pleasure in a pre-established time and fulfilled, to call efficaciously through His holy word and Holy Spirit 1 PETER 1:23-24;JAMES 1:18;JOHN 6:63. Calling us out of a state of slavery to sin and spiritual death in which we found ourselves by nature, He has elected and called us by grace only to salvation in Christ Jesus ROMANS 8:28-30;TITUS 3:4-7 Thus illumining us and regenerating our minds spiritually and with power to be able to comprehend in full the things of God, He has taken away our heart of stone and given us a heart of flesh renewing our mind and will, giving us a new spirit EZEKIEL 36:25-27. Through His omnipotence and mercy, He literally drew us by His grace to Christ Jesus and persuaded us by His irresistible grace to freely at this point, accept His salvation JOHN 6:44-45. Elect, the Greek word Eklektous means chosen, favorite,selected, this presumes that it is God that chooses men and not men who choose God 1 CORINTHIANS 1:26-31

    We believe that this efficacious call of God is free and special grace of God and for this grace only. The election of God does not at all come by God’s prescience or foreknowledge of any human decision as far as faith is concerned. The elect, only being moved and regenerated by the Holy Spirit can respond to God’s call and accept the offer that is in the call of becoming obedient to the Gospel.

    We believe that within His predestination God in His mercy has elected to salvation by virtue of Christ’s sacrifice and by grace only, every unborn baby who dies, any born baby child and any handicapped person who cannot consciously understand the gravity and responsibility of sin, their own sinful nature and conscience. (This doctrine does not have much biblical support except some passages which are not direct references to this subject, but implies it and give this doctrine some credibility 2 SAMUEL 12:23;MATTHEW 18:2;MATTHEW 19:14 ATTENTION!

    We are NOT talking about persons who by conscience, the law of God being written on their hearts and the internal and external revelation given to ALL by God refuse to glorify Him and to seek Him, as an example, ANY PERSON ANYWERE who did not yet or ever hear the call of the Gospel. ROMANS 1:18-32;ROMANS 2:14-15.

    God knows all that occurs all over the universe, but God has not at all decreed any thing in base of His prescience of any human choices or decisions when it comes to salvation. His just judgment is decreed, not only based on the consequences of all that men want and desire to do, but for example, we do not instead believe that God has decreed or preordained some to salvation and some to damnation on the foreknowledge of the fact that those were the ones who would have believed in the Gospel and the others would not, this not based at all on His prescience seen in the future and based His decision to save them upon their response to the Gospel call. Absolutely not! This would mean first of all that man naturally possesses something that could generate his positive response to the call of the Gospel, so man possesses the faith necessary to believe God and that he can activate it on his own based on the power of his own will. This is categorically denied by Scripture MATTHEW 16:16-17;JOHN 6:37-71;ROMANS 3:10-19. In addition, if God was obligated to save man based only upon a human originated response and faith it would mean that man is sovereign and not God. Only and exclusively for the manifestation of His glory and His attributes which are part of the manifestation of His glory, God has predestined or preordained angels and men some to eternal life and others by consequence, by His passive will and not His active will, to eternal damnation. (This is not at all in violation to man’s liberty and will of man) JOHN 6:37-40;JOHN 6:44-45;ACTS 13:48EPHESIANS 1:3-14;2 THESSALONIANS 2:13-14, of these the numbers are predestined and it cannot be altered in any way ROMANS 11:25;REVELATION 6:11.

    Men elected or predestined for salvation, ACTS 2:39;ACTS 13:48; God has chosen before the foundation of the world MATTHEW 25:34; EPHESIANS 1:3-4;REVELATION 13:8;REVELATION 17:8, this means from all eternity, in accord with Hos eternal and immutable purposes and His secret counsel and perfect will according to His mercy EPHESIANS 1:3-4. He has indeed Himself chosen, for the revelation of His eternal glory and only and exclusively through His love, His grace and mercy, not because of the foreknowledge of any decisions of faith, works or perseverance of man as the conditions or causes of His choice ROMANS 9:10-23;1 CORINTHIANS 2:7-14. All this is for the praise and glory of His grace and mercy.

    Men and women elected for salvation for His glory, by His purpose and will, grace and mercy, have been given by God all means to obtain salvation, He has provided, offered and applied JAMES 1:18. Therefore the elect having been sons of divine wrath because of their sinful nature in Adam EPHESIANS 2:1-3, as all humanity, are redeemed by the work of redemption in Christ Jesus EPHESIANS 2:4-10 and by the eternal decree of the Father, they are called to faith in Christ and through His Spirit who operates in them, are then justified, adopted, sanctified and maintained by the power of God for eternity 1 PETER 1:3-9. So that no other person can be redeemed by Christ if not only those who are chosen, elect for salvation by God in eternity MATTHEW 20:16;MATTHEW 22:14. We believe that many of those who are not elected for salvation are however and will in fact be called through the ministry of the word of God by the evangelistic work of the church. However, the call for these will not be efficacious to the point of effectiveness as for the elect. These will receive some common operation of the Holy Spirit, they will however remain in unbelief, they will not believe in Christ and will not be saved JOHN 3:18-21;JOHN 3:36, they may even have a semblance of faith or religiosity, yet these will not be genuine as they will be superficial and not regenerated by God MATTHEW 13:18-30;MATTHEW 15:13;JOHN 2:23-25; JOHN 6:60-66;1 JOHN 2:19

    We believe that Scripture categorically teaches that any man who does not come to faith in Christ Jesus is not therefore an elect and whether he has heard the Gospel or not, is not saved and could not be saved by anything else but faith in Christ. In no other way a person can know God and obtain salvation if not through Christ Jesus, JOHN 14:6;ACTS 4:12. Therefore, any person, anywhere, who dies without ever been called efficaciously by the ministry of the word of Gospel, or called but rejecting the offer goes into perdition and eternal damnation MARK 16:16;JOHN 3:18-21; JOHN 3:36;ROMANS 1:18-32;2 THESSALONIANS 1:8-9. We believe that the doctrine of this mystery of predestination or election is an eternal decree of God exercised by Him ROMANS 8:28-30, has to be handled with care and caution in the fact that men who want to participate to the will of God revealed by His word and are surrendered to obedience to the same, can with the certainty of their valid vocation, be assured of their eternal salvation and election 2 CORINTHIANS 13:5:2 PETER 1:10-11.

    This is so that this misunderstood and therefore much maligned doctrine, can release in redeemed hearts, contrarily to what this doctrine is accused to cause by who does not understand it, humility, praise, thanksgiving, fear and admiration of God, diligence and abundant consolation for all those who in sincerity obey the Gospel; and that instead it may shatter and destroy any type of spiritual pride and any type of boasting and merit that in some way man would want to assign himself in the work of salvation.

    We admit and realize that this is not an easy doctrine to understand fully but undoubtedly is tied to the doctrine of salvation that Jesus and the Apostles taught JOHN 6:28-71;MATTHEW 13:18-23;ROMANS 8:28-30;ROMANS 9:10-24;EPHESIANS 1:3-14; and that the church through out the ages had taught and believed.