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  • Personal Conclusions

    I will repeat it at the cost of nausea, DIRECT REVELATIONS AND PROPHECIES FROM GOD OUTSIDE OF HIS WRITTEN WORD ARE NO LONGER OPERATIVE, I must repeat it until it truly sinks in the mind and heart, if revelations and prophecies still today are direct and inspired by God as well as the Bible is, then we have to consider them word of God and having the same authority and infallibility as Scripture. This would mean that the canon of Scripture is not a closed one and is incomplete, therefore the Bible has to be continued to be written.

    However, these false apostles and prophets are those who erroneously and proudly believe to be real. Many self appoint themselves to these positions believing that they have received some direct word, vision, dream or prophecy from God, believing them to be authoritative as the written word.

    This is impossible because we have, no, the word of God has established that the prerequisites to be a real Apostle of Christ was that Jesus personally and physically had to choose the Apostles. Other ones are appointed to these positions by the churches who believe and teach erroneous doctrines and so even with noble intentions and apparently spiritual, biblical they think, but still erroneous. Unfortunately this leads many people to have positions of responsibility and authority that do not exist any longer and that lead these individuals and their churches to make decisions that are not at all the will of God, rather only things that are fabrications of the human minds or the desires of the same persons who think to have instead received the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

    It is not that a person cannot have spiritual biblical thoughts, there is a great difference between these and the real inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

    We need to stop playing games in the name of God, if some gifts or ministry are recognized in a person let’s not go around saying “ thus says the LORD” etc. etc. let’s say if certain gifts and ministry are recognized to this person be given the opportunity to serve with his gifts and in his ministry that God has given them. There is no need to go around pretending that the gift or ministry is directly given by prophetic and direct revelation from God. When the ministries and gifts of such people are recognized in the church, it means that the Lord has already spoken in regard, these are the confirmation that God has chosen that individual to serve in such capacity in that local community.

    There are so many false prophetic calls which place so many unqualified quacks in the ministry, people without the prerequisites, without the qualifications for determined positions, such that other more qualified people have, but get snubbed because men ordain speaking for God and choosing the wrong people for the job, this is done only in response to their own desires, their own carnal desires and thoughts as we read in Ezekiel 13.

    In my own life I have been prophesied a myriad of things by these so called prophets, some even threatened me and my wife with curses because we made evident to them we did not believe them, and none came to pass. Their threats were empty threats, in fact one of them threatened my wife’s health once and put curses on her, well, I am really sorry about the way things turned out for him. His own little 18 month old child died, while my wife not only did not worsen, she got better.

    Did I wish any bad thing upon him, no, never, but you see no one can go around taking God’s name in vain, threatening and cursing others in God’s name and think that one day God will not punish these lies, this is sinfulness.

    Our trust is in the Lord, our God has promised us in Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment, You shall condemn.This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD.

    And this ladies and gentlemen the LORD really said it…you see, His written word can be trusted and it will come to pass.

    No my dear brothers and sisters these so called revelations and prophecies are no longer for today, these things only hurt people, they deceive into making the gullible and the biblically ignorant people that these are the will of God, while they are nothing but the carnal will of man.

    Let’s remember as we did study that many times things that come to pass, such as false signs and wonders, miracles do not come from God. After all you have read, if you still remain convinced that you are right, I do not condemn you as others do me.

    I firmly believe that you are unfortunately going after erroneous doctrines and following false teachers, false apostles and prophets, you seek after signs and wonders,miracles and healing that will never occur as they did in the book of Acts. All this will not help your spiritual growth it will just hurt you and hurt others.

    I still believe that there are prophets that God uses today to edify, exhort and encourage His church through the written word.

    God is not obligated by no erroneous doctrines to do the things he He can do. God is moved by faith, by the gift of faith, by the faith in the doctrine of healing found in the book of James chapter 5 and according to His sovereign will.

    I believe that Scripture in its completeness demonstrates the facts we delineated in this study as well as the history of the post-apostolic church. The last book of the Bible, Revelation was written approximately around 96 AD while the last miracle recorded in Scripture was approximately done in the year 58 AD. I believe the canon of Scripture accepted and sealed by the church is the complete revelation of God to the church and any revelation or prophecy after the year 96 AD cannot be considered directly inspired by God as it would mean that Scripture is not complete, instead it is.

    The famous Charismatic “ gifts” are only mentioned in the Epistle of 1 Corinthians which is probably the first letter Paul wrote, written very early. In books such as Ephesians and Romans and in the others as well these things are not mentioned. Did you ever ask yourself why?

    You can choose to believe what you want, if your doctrines which you have accepted by tradition, denomination, because you feel obligated not to change your mind because you received the Lord through a Pentecostal brother or sister and you do not want to betray their doctrines because changing opinion you feel as if you would be betraying them.

    Perhaps you are obstinate and you want to be right at all costs, perhaps you are afraid to offend God believing that if you change your mind you will not have faith in the miracles He could do or that otherwise God could not speak unless He did it OT style.

    I firmly believe that God is Omnipotent, Almighty, and He heals through the prayers offered in faith according to His sovereign will, He does perform miracles and speaks to His church through His written word using interpreters, teachers, pastors, preachers and every and any believer who with an open heart reads and studies His written word, who listen with spiritual ears what is being preached, taught and shared by the real prophets through the written words.

    You do not want to change opinion even though the word confirms you may be wrong, because you would feel lost, would not know where to go. Perhaps because if you changed way of believing certainly others would not understand why and they probably would label what they label us, fallen into error and erroneous doctrines. If you tried to explain your change or to share with others your changed convictions they would accuse you of being heretics, to want to cause division in the church and you would quickly resign yourselves to remain there and keep your mouth shut and go along against your conscience and the Bible, pretending to believe in what you no longer believe.

    You would be afraid about what man would think of you, perhaps you might have to choose to leave and to find a church that shares your new found convictions and you would have to start all over again, this perhaps does not attract you, to lose friends, brothers and sisters that you have made for years. These things will impede any change.

    They would categorize you with us, calling you heretics and promoters of Satan’s doctrines,as often we are accused.

    Yes, all this is not easy at all to overcome. I know that losing friends, brothers and sisters who will turn their back on you often, without even fairly trying to understand your changed convictions or point of view even though it is completely based upon the word of God and its right and sound interpretation, is no easy thing. It’s painful.

    Many can be the reasons to remain in errant doctrines. For me, no matter all the difficulties that I still encounter by the hands of the proud, it is still worth confronting the difficulties, the insults, the defamation, being put off or set aside, excluded from the fellowship, to keep walking in the truth.

    The little popularity, the many difficulties, the sufferings, that my convictions can cause me are worth it. I may not have the praises and favor of men, but I really do not care, I want the praises and favor that come from God and have the knowledge of the truth and to keep walking in it.

    I am interested in hearing “ Well done good and faithful servant” from the Lord, than the “ I agree with you” of man.

    We have to contend for the faith and persevere in the sound doctrine of the true Apostles and prophets and of the Lord Jesus.

    May God bless you and guide you in the truth of His word, and remember “ It is written”.