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  • True Faith Justification and Repentance

    The grace of faith, in other words the grace through which the elect are enabled to believe for the salvation of their soul is exclusively a gift and a work of God through the Holy Spirit, in the hearts of those who believe EPHESIANS 2: 8-9;TITUS 3:4-7;MATTHEW 16:16-17;JOHN 6:37-40;JOHN 6:44-47;JOHN 6:63-66;HEBREWS 12:2. This faith is always produced and in some way by the ministry of the word of God, ordinarily through the hearing through preaching or somehow the assimilation of the reading of the Gospel ROMANS 10:17;1 CORINTHIANS 1 :21. This faith is after strengthened, matured, and confirmed always through the word of God and through trials and tribulations which Gos uses for this reason ACTS 14:22;ROMANS 5:3;COLOSSIANS 1:11;1 PETER 1:6-9;1 PETER 5:10;JAMES 1:2-4

    Through this faith the believer believes the truth of all which the word of God reveals and the authority of God that is contained therein. Believing and obeying the commandments of God with fear and reverence and embracing God’s promises contained in His word for his or her life. The principles of true faith are acceptance, reception and rest in Christ only JOHN 6:29;HEBREWS 6:18-20; HEBREWS 10:23, by faith for justification, sanctification and eternal life in virtue of the covenant of grace in Christ Jesus and by faith in His virtues only ROMANS 3:21-26;ROMANS 5:1-2; PHILIPPIANS 3:7-11;HEBREWS 4:9-11. This faith after the experience of conversion grows gradually in strength and often is attacked and weakened but always obtains the victory in Christ Jesus LUKE 22:31; 2 CORINTHIANS 2:14;1 JOHN 5:4, it grows in obtaining a certainty in Christ ROMANS 8:31-39, who is the author and finisher of our faith HEBREWS 12:2.


    We believe that hose whom God has elected for salvation, He efficaciously calls and He efficaciously justifies, not infusing in them righteousness but forgiving them of their sins and accepting them considering them righteous and just ROMANS 3:21-26;ACTS 13:38-39. Justified and righteous not because of any thing that depends upon them or done by them, but by Christ only, God does not impute, in other words counts their faith, the act of believing or any other work of evangelical obedience to them as righteousness, rather He imputes to them by faith the obedience and the satisfaction of Christ’s work by Him fulfilled ROMANS 4:1-25;ROMANS 5:16-21. Therefore the elect receive and rest in Him and His justice and righteousness by faith, which faith they do not possess by themselves naturally but has been conferred by God as a gift of His grace EPHESIANS 2:8-9; 2 CORINTHIANS 5:21. Faith in Christ which they receive and in which they rest therefore is the instrument to obtain justification, but in essence is not alone in the justified person but is accompanied by all the necessary grace for salvation which not dead faith but living faith that expresses itself in the love of God ROMANS 5:1-5;JAMES 2:14-26.

    Christ trough His obedience and His death, has fully paid the debt for all those that are the elect and are called and justified. Jesus has accomplished a true and real payment which has full satisfied the Father and the righteousness He retained necessary. All is given freely and only through the mercy and grace of God in the gift of His Son for the elect ROMANS 8:30-34, so that God is glorified in the justification of sinners EPHESIANS 1:5-14;1 PETER 2:9. God, from eternity has decreed to justify the elect and Christ has fulfilled God’s desire in the fulness of time EPHESIANS 1:3-14, He died for their sins and was risen for their justification ROMANS 4:23-25. However, they are not justified until the Holy Spirit at the right time of God’s choice, applies to them Christ and His salvation EPHESIANS 2:1-10.

    God then continues to forgive the sins of the elect and even if they cannot fall completely form this state of justification ROMANS 8:30-34, they can however, because of their sins fall under the fatherly correction and discipline of God, receiving the displeasure and temporary and often severe punishment of God until they repent and humble themselves before God, whose love and grace for His children constantly pushes them toward repentance ROMANS 2:4;2 CORINTHIANS 7:10 and the restoration of His blessings and their sanctification HEBREWS 12:5-11. The justification of all the elect of the OT was in all respects one and the same of the elect of the NT, by faith in Christ JOHN 8:56;ROMANS 4:1-25;GALATIANS 3:8;HEBREWS 11:4-40.


    Repentance that brings to life is by the grace of God LUKE 24:47;ACTS 11:18, it is a doctrine that has to be preached by every minister of the Gospel because it is the fruit that has to be manifested by the exercise of true faith in Christ, and together with faith in fact, it is that which we have to obey about the Gospel even if it is produced by real faith ACTS 2:38-39;ACTS 17:30;ACTS 20:21.

    Through this grace obtained through faith in the Gospel, the human senses moved by the Holy Spirit react and comprehend the wickedness and the weight of their sin, which is contrary to the holy and righteous nature, character and law of God. This perception guides in the knowledge of the mercy of God toward those who repent PROVERBS 28:13. The person then moved by this grace is convicted and has sorrow for his or her sins, hates them and desires to distance themselves from a sinful lifestyle and guided by the wicked, impure and selfish desires of the flesh. Beginning to desire continuously to flee from sin and walk in holiness and obedience to the commandments of God ROMANS 6:12-14; TITUS 2:11-14. However, repentance is by God’s grace and is the fruit of true faith it cannot therefore be considered a work performed by man upon which one can place their trust for salvation. God does not forgive strictly because a person repents, God saves by His grace and by grace He gives faith and by this faith one believes, this belief moves him or her who believe to repent ACTS 19:18, repent and to deny himself, to lose his own life to find Christ’s life MATTHEW 16:24-26. However, without repentance true faith has not been exercised and for this reason salvation has not occurred. Repentance is one of the confirmations that real, true faith has operated in the ife of a person LUKE 19:9 So, who ever declares to have believed or to believe but repentance has not occurred or does not continue to occur, these persons have not obtained true faith and these persons deceive themselves 1 JOHN 1:8-10.

    There is no sin so small that does not deserve damnation and condemnation, but there is no sin too big that God cannot forgive, in size, quality or quantity of which a person cannot repent of and not obtain mercy from God ROMANS 5:20-21;1 TIMOTHY 1:13-16.

    Repentance is not a particular and single episode or event, but becomes the lifestyle of the true believer 1 JOHN 1:9;JAMES 4:5-10;JAMES 5:15-16;1 PETER 5:5-6;COLOSSIANS 3:8-10. This lifestyle that is part of the process of sanctification also produced by God PHILIPPIANS 2:12-13;HEBREWS 12:11.

    Part of repentance is the private and sometimes public admission and confession of sin. This behavior is differently operated in agreement with the instructions of the word of God and the guide of the Holy Spirit. Restitution of damages of financial and material nature as well as moral often is required as part of repentance , this is commanded in God’s law EXODUS 22:1-4, in fact Scripture teaches that even repentance is a fruit of true faith but produces a fruit, the fruit of righteous works of which restitution is a part LUKE 3:8-11;LUKE 19:8-9. These works are a sign true faith has occurred and therefore salvation as well.